What Sets Us Apart

Making Dental Visits Fun!

At First Bite Pediatric Dentistry, we know a child’s first dental experiences affect their feelings about caring for their oral health – for life.

That’s why we provide fun and worry-free dental visits, filled with laughter and excitement. We set children on the path to a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles!

Why Choose First Bite Pediatric Dentistry?

Our Doctors: Dr. Renalie Manuel and Dr. Peter Nguyen are board certified pediatric dentists. Beyond their dental degrees, each has completed rigorous post-doctorate certification and training in caring for children, from infants through adolescents, and youth with special needs.

This in-depth education ensures they provide high-quality, evidence-based care, and are prepared to meet each child’s unique clinical, emotional, and developmental needs.

Beyond their specialized training, the doctors are calm, gentle, and care about the wellbeing of every child. They listen to each patient, explain what will happen during the visit, and laugh and joke with the little one. Even the most timid child opens up and feels at ease with the doctors!

Our Team: Every member of our team is skilled, well-trained, and delivers exceptional care. They are friendly, child- and family-focused, and love connecting with children and parents.

Along with our doctors, our staff wants children and parents to feel safe, heard, and encouraged!

Our Atmosphere: We have designed our office to be an entertaining space, filled with light and kid-friendly décor. There are TVs and games in the reception area, TVs in each of the operatories, and toys and stickers for when the visit is over. The minute a child steps through the doors they are greeted by name and with friendly smiles. That warmth continues throughout the office: this is truly a welcoming, fun environment, filled with smiles and laughter!

Prevention and Partnership

Like you, we want your little one to grow up with healthy teeth, a great smile, and knowing how to keep their mouth healthy. We focus on preventive care and useful, age-appropriate education for children, and teach parents strategies to establish positive habits from an early age. We welcome you to join us in the treatment area during visits, offering support and information.

Together, we will teach your child how to take care of their teeth and gums, and ensure every dental experience has them grinning!

Schedule an Appointment

Please contact our pediatric dental office, in Henderson and serving Las Vegas and Seven Hills, to schedule a visit.

Dr. Manual, Dr. Nguyen, and the First Bite Pediatric Dentistry team look forward to welcoming you and your children to our practice. We can’t wait to start them on the path to a lifetime of great smiles!

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